What This Is About

Welcome to HealthZedron (“us,” “we,” or “our”). Our website, https://healthzedron.com, shares health and fitness information. This disclaimer tells you what our content is for and what it can’t do.

Why We Share Info

Learning and Info: Our website has info to help you learn, but it’s not a replacement for talking to a real doctor. Always ask your doctor before making health choices.

General Info: What we share is basic and might not fit everyone. Health and fitness advice should be about you. What we say may not work for your unique situation.

No Promises

We can’t promise our info is always correct or up-to-date. Health and fitness advice can change, although we do our best to give you updated information and we do a deep research before sharing any information on our website but still check before you act on what you read here.

Your Responsibility

Your health is your job. Any actions you take because of what you read here are on you. We’re not responsible for what happens based on our info. Because what we say may not work for your unique situation.

Talk to a Pro

Before starting a new diet or exercise plan or taking anything we mention, please talk to a professional healthcare provider.

Other Websites

We might link to other websites. We’re not in control of their info, so use them carefully.

Changes to Info

Health and fitness info can change. We might update our content, you can check updates on our website.

Contact Us

If you have questions about our info or this disclaimer, send us an email at healthzedron@gmail.com.